Best Posters

1st Place - «The Role of Innovative Technologies on the Reduction of Peripheral Intravenous Catheters Contamination Rates» from the authors Pedro Parreira, Beatriz Serambeque, Paulo Santos-Costa, Vânia Oliveira, Liliana B. Sousa, Fernando Gama, Rafael Bernardes, Inês A. Marques, David Adriano, Luciene Braga, Nádia Osório, João Graveto, Anabela Salgueiro-Oliveira

2nd Place - «The Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided And Near-Infrared Light in Difficult Peripheral Vascular Access» from the authors Anabela Salgueiro-Oliveira, Beatriz Serambeque, Paulo Santos-Costa, Vânia Oliveira, Liliana B. Sousa, Rafael Bernardes, Inês A. Marques, Fernando Gama, Luciene Braga, João Graveto, Rita Barroca, Pedro Parreira.

3rd Place - «HeroGraft End-Of-Line Solution» from the authors Abílio Silva, Ana Barros, Tânia Luís Fátima Silva, Joana Dinis

Best Oral Communications

1st Place - «Radiopharmaceutical Infiltration in Patients Performing Bone Scintigraphy With 99mTc-HmDP» from the authors Davide Fernandes, Filipa Fontes, Márcia Santos, Miguel Pinheiro, Hugo Duarte

2nd Place - «Epidemiological Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infection in a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit» from the authors Carina Paixão, Elsa Oliveira, Rosália Pires

3rd Place - «What do we know about arteriovenous fistula? A family-centred perspective on the care of vascular access in end stage renal disease» from the authors Daniela Figueiredo, Helena Sousa, Fernando Ribeiro, Constança Paúl, Elísio Costa, Vasco Miranda, Óscar Ribeiro)

Evaluation Panel

  • Mauro Pittiruti, MD (Rome, Italy & GAVeCeLT);
  • Gloria Ortiz Miluy, RN (Madrid, Spain & GAVeCeLT);
  • Palloma Ruiz, RN (Madrid, Spain & GruMAV);
  • Arantza Tomás López, RN (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain);
  • Victoria Armenteros Yeguas, RN (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain).

Abstract Publication

Link para acesso (The Journal of Vascular Access, Volume 20, Issue 2_Supple, October 2019)